Discover Haspengouw with a special bike!

Did you know that you can go to the Bottelarij to rent 2 special bikes? With the duo bike and the Urban Arrow cargo bike you can safely explore the region.

As a visitor with a disability (physical, visual, auditory and/or other limitations) do you want to get on the road independently, stable & safely with a bicycle? Do you like to go out biking together, but is the fear of losing control of the bike prevailing? Then find a nice co-driver and choose our duo bike. The duo bike makes it possible to be mobile and have cycling fun, unlimited. Also nice for a picnic trip with 2! Because you sit next to each other, it is a cozy way to discover our beautiful landscape. (You can find a video here:

The Urban Arrow is a cargo bike with electric pedal assistance with which you can maneuver safely and quickly with your (max. 2) children. The bike has a light aluminum frame and is easily maneuverable, so you can zigzag smoothly through traffic.

The ideal way to discover Haspengouw!

The Urban Arrow and the duo bike can be rented during the opening hours of the Bottelarij, from Wednesday to Sunday from 11 am.


a. Meeting rooms 0 - 20 people
b. Meeting rooms 20 -50
Buggy friendly
c. Meeting rooms 50 - 100 people
Changing corner for baby
Free Wifi
Parking within a radius of 100 m?
Suitable for wheelchairs
Vegetarian offer