Limburg is dotted with stunning landscapes that can undoubtedly serve as the setting for a Hollywood movie. Cycle in the footsteps of Flemish actor Matteo Simone and traverse these cinematic landscapes on a six-day cycling tour. Six stages that take you throughout Limburg. Choose your favorite day stage or combine them in a six-day vacation. Ready ... Set ... Action!

Stage 1: from Hasselt to Riemst: cycling in the fruit region

Stage 1: from Hasselt to Riemst

We kick off our Tour of Limburg in the courtyard of the Herkenrode Abbey Site in Hasselt. We cycle through the fruity Haspengouw. Via Tongeren, we eventually arrive in Riemst, and at the bridge over the Albert Canal in Kanne we reach the finish line.
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Stage 2: from Riemst to Riemst - bridge over the canal

Stage 2: from Riemst to Riemst

A hilly stage that suits the absolute climbers or the e-bike lovers. We enter the Voer region, where the landscape reveals one beautiful panorama after another. In Remersdaal we climb to Flanders' highest point.
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Stage 3: from Riemst to Genk (Cycling throug Water in Bokrijk)

Stage 3: From Riemst to Genk

We cycle up north towards Bilzen. The ascents here are still pretty tough. On the way, we pass some entrance gates to the Hoge Kempen National Park. Via the centre of Genk we arrive in Bokrijk, where we finish our route at the unique cycling experience 'Cycling through Water'.

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Stage 4: from Genk to Kinrooi (Mechelse Heide in the Hoge Kempen National Park)

Stage 4: from Genk to Kinrooi

We pass the forests north of Genk towards As Station. A bit further we cycle right through the Hoge Kempen National Park. When we reach the banks of the Meuse river, we follow it downstream until we reach Ophoven.
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Stage 5: from Kinrooi to Lommel (the Lommel Sahara)

Stage 5: from Kinrooi to Lommel

The longest stage takes us through the rural north of the province. The cycling is easy peasy as the countryside is flat. In Hechtel-Eksel, we cycle through the trees and we take a break at the large glass tower of the GlazenHuis in Lommel.
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Etappe 6: van Lommel naar Hasselt (be-MINE in Beringen)

Stage 6: from Lommel to Hasselt

For our last stage, we crawl in the saddle in the Lommel Sahara. After a good bit of cycling, the Beringen slag heaps announce the impressive mining site be-MINE. We continue our tour on the towpath along the Albert Canal heading to the finish line: the Herkenrode Abbey Site in Hasselt.
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