Restaurant-Cafe "De Kapelanij"

Brasserie de Kapelanij is an initiative of the Limburg Autism Foundation, entrepreneurs in care and welfare and the municipality of Zutendaal. With this initiative, we want to offer people with autism and/or another disability the opportunity to work behind the scenes and enjoy a meaningful day. We try to involve people with autism, who are particularly hampered socially and communicatively, in this way in the social events of a catering establishment.
We also have a project running with the municipality of Zutendaal as part of a rural development program. Our project is called "Eat Local, Think Global" and aims to encourage the consumption of local and seasonal products with a view to sustainable agriculture. The dishes on our menu use mainly local ingredients in order to limit the 'food miles' and keep the food chain as short as possible. To this end, nearby allotments have been created by the municipality where locals can grow vegetables in an environmentally friendly way.
We also work with third world and fair-trade products from the Oxfam world store. These products are incorporated into our menu offerings.
Finally, we also deal differently with any proceeds generated by the Kapelanij. These proceeds are fully reinvested in the care and thus benefit people with autism.


Baby food heating
Bike repair kit available
Buggy friendly
Changing corner for baby
Charging point for electric bikes
Drinkbus bijvullen, ev. mits consumptie
First aid kit available
Groups are welcome subject to reservation
High chair for kids
Local drinks
Meals offered in the exploitation
Offer of regional dishes / products
Regional dishes
Safe bicycle storage
Snacks (limited menu)
Vegetarian offer