The Bruegel House

In his lifetime, Pieter Bruegel the Elder painted 41 paintings that are all quite diverse as regards subject and style: peasant scenes and bustling village squares, as well as biblical representations and paintings of war and hell. The originals can be found in museums and collections all over the world. But at the Bruegel House in Peer, you can take in Bruegel's entire body of work in one location: this is unique in the world! A surprising short film examines whether the painter was really born in Peer. The film takes a closer look at Bruegel's entire body of work in an original manner and links it to the city of Peer today.
You can visit this exhibition individually with an audio guide (in Dutch, English, French and German), which tells you more about Bruegel's various works in a lively and original manner. If you are visiting the Bruegel House as a family then we have put together a rally that will take you on a search expedition through the centre, with fun activities for children.
The film and the audio guides are available in 4 languages (Dutch/French/English/German)
Open: every working day from 9h until 12.30h & 13.30h until 17h
From 1 April until 30 September: every Saturday and Sunday from 10h until 12.30h & 13h until 17h
From 1 October until 31 March: every Saturday and Sunday from 11h. until 15h


Buggy friendly
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