Most people plan to spend some time sitting outside over a good meal when they go on holiday. And hey, Limburg is the ideal place for it.

Terrasje in Peer - © Raf Ketelslagers

Wine or beer?

Whichever you choose, try the Limburg version. You won’t be disappointed. And you have to admit, it's even more special to taste a wine while you are looking out over the vineyard or to drink a beer tapped by the brewer himself.

Streekproducten - © Koen De Langhe

Deliciously local

A Meulekeukske, Bierendrèpke, Looise maan. What? All regional Limburg products through and through. The first is a biscuit from the Meuse region, the second is a jenever made from berries and the last is an apple cake. Choose regional products because they are deliciously local!

Culinair genieten - © Kristien Wintmolders

Where are we going to eat?

That's a very important question! Put your feet under the table in a top restaurant. With 11 Michelin-star restaurants and 10 ‘Jong Keukengeweld’ restaurants , you have plenty of choice of gourmet venues to tempt your palate. And if you aren’t looking for something quite that chic, you will easily find a restaurant or bistro nearby.