Neanderthal site

The Neanderthal site in Veldwezelt is a unique, protected archaeological site where you can travel through time, as it were. This unique archaeological site was restored, conserved, and opened to the public. The construction of the walls is the only one of its kind in north-western Europe.
During several excavation campaigns between 1998 and 2003, remains of at least
four Neanderthal hunting camps and a flint extraction site were found.

Not only will you get to know the former inhabitants, the Neanderthals, but you’ll also learn about the ice ages and the evolution of the climate. Discover what life was like 80,000 years in the past – a way of life that only ended a mere 40,000 years ago.

Did you know… that the Veldwezelt Neanderthal site was the winner of the 2016 Heritage Award?


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