Experience the upstairs-downstairs atmosphere in this notary house dating from 1892, full of architectural and historical style elements. Both the façade and the interior of this 19th-century notary house give visitors a unique view of the eclectic interplay of architectural styles and their style elements. The visitor is guided in the spirit of the belle époque with the apotheosis of a surprising visit to a few private rooms, located on the first floor. In addition to the Gothic and Louis XV interiors, especially the 'Salon de Musique' in Egyptian decor style makes this experience unique. A wonderful example of late 19th century Egyptomania. A 90-minute upstairs-downstairs trip to the 19th century fin-de-siècle.
The tour ends in the staff cellars with its octopus-fuel cellar, a rare relic of modern heating in the 1900s.

Every visitor receives a nice surprise.

In June 2015 Huis Nagels was one of the sets for the recording of the TV fiction series 'Chaussée d'Amour' (VTM).


a. Meeting rooms 0 - 20 people
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