Klankenbos - Sound art in the open air

A unique collection of sound artworks is hidden between the trees of the Klankenbos. The works of art are a treat for the ear and a delight for the eye. During a visit to the Klankenbos, you are challenged to consciously process the surrounding sounds and silence. A unique experience for all ages! The size and permanent accessibility of this collection are unique in Europe.

The Klankenbos is the ideal destination for an outing with your family, association or organisation. Everyone is welcome. You can explore the collection on your own - for free, at any time of day. Anyone who wants to discover all the secrets of the Klankenbos should book a guided tour.
Musica organises tailor-made activities for children, such as a musical treasure hunt. What’s more, the Klankenbos regularly forms the backdrop for numerous small and larger events, from workshops to concerts and late night events.

More info or questions? Contact us at info@musica.be.


Parking within a radius of 100 m?