Escape Room Mystery 19

An exciting escape room at a magnificent location.

Enter the ancient castle near the brewery of Ter Dolen.

Once quitly and peaceful, but recently something mysterious disturbed the peace. So many questions, so many riddles. Do you dare to take on the challenge to solve the mystery?

Mystery 19 is an escape room in which you'll have to cooperate as a team, solving riddles and trying to escape within 60 minutes.

The game is fully playable in English!
It is also accessible by everyone.
Children from ages 10 and up can perfectly play the game under supervision.
The game is wheelchair friendly.

If you're not convinced yet, check out the lovely reviews on tripadvisor or google.


a. Meeting rooms 0 - 20 people
b. Meeting rooms 20 -50
Buggy friendly
c. Meeting rooms 50 - 100 people
Changing corner for baby
d. Meeting rooms 100 – 150 people
Free Wifi
Parking within a radius of 100 m?
Suitable for wheelchairs