As colliery


As played a particularly significant role in the history of mining in Limburg. This was where André Dumont discovered the very first coal deposits, but the local council at the time was not in favour of a coal mine. You will find no mine shafts or underground passages here, but you can see clear signs of mining history.

In a small station

For years, As station played an important role in the coal extraction. This was the departure point for miners heading to the collieries at Eisden, Waterschei, and Winterslag, where the mined coal was transported over the coal track. Today one of the old train carriages accommodates a visitor center and you will discover 'The Yard' a graffiti art project on a few train units.

An elevated view

Nearby is a 31-metre high viewing tower. The tower is an exact replica of the drilling tower from which André Dumont discovered coal. Once at the top you have a great view of the station site and the surrounding landscape of the Hoge Kempen National Park.