Pietersheim Moated Castle

Get a taste of the past in the renovated Pietersheim moated castle, which belonged to the Merode family until 1971. This 12th century moated castle is a silent witness to the glorious and turbulent battles of the Lords of Pietersheim. You can still see the ring-shaped defensive walls and gate tower of the medieval castle. The 16th century chapel hall has also survived the test of time and been fully renovated. A floating walkway (also accessible to those with disabilities) allows visitors to reach all the hidden corners of the castle.

All visitors are welcome to enjoy the wonderful views of the castle courtyard and surrounding park from the new platform in the gatehouse. In the large ‘viewing box on legs’ next to the chapel, visitors can learn the entire story of the castle in a film. Using 3D animations with historical footage, the moated castle is resurrected in its full glory. In the viewing box, a number of archaeological finds are displayed that testify to the wealth that once prevailed here.
Young visitors can have fun with various interactive games. The day of adventure ends with a visit to the shop, where both kids and adults can buy a souvenir. How about your own knight's helmet or sword? The comic book ‘Jan van Pietersheim’ provides a wonderful lasting reminder of the castle.


Buggy friendly
Free Wifi
Suitable for wheelchairs