Breweries Past fruit trees Past nice villages Beautiful vistas Vakmanschap

Cycle through the undulating fruit landscape of Haspengouw while enjoying impressive panoramas, square farms, quiet church villages, and magnificent castles. The blossoms are on full display in the spring, but there’s possibly even more colour in late summer. The last cherries and strawberries are being picked, the apples are blushing in the orchards, and the pears are still enjoying the sunshine, waiting to be picked soon when they’re as sweet as possible. More and more grapevines are popping up on the southern flanks, but the pear and apple trees still steal the show. The rich past has left impressive traces here; cultural, industrial, and religious heritage can be seen for miles around. We’ll bring life into this route a few fun beer stops. The colourful hills, the ripening fruit, and the locals’ thick accents as they tell you about everything around you will spoil all your senses!

  • 49 km
  • Sloping
  • Groenmarkt