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With the rich past of the Earldom of Loon and Prince Bishopric of Liege, the region around Borgloon is thick with castles. More than that, Haspengouw has one of the largest concentrations of castles in Western Europe! So it should come as no surprise that along this 52 km route you pass no less than 13 castles and even more castles adorn the surrounding hilltops. The fertile soil of the fruit region has accumulated and attracted a great deal of wealth over the past millennium. Many castles are privately owned, but there are also gems along this route that open their gates to visitors. Hop on your steel steed and discover the magnificent landscape surrounding Borgloon.

  • 52 km
  • Sloping
  • Heart of Haspengouw Landscape Park
  • Stroopfabriek
    Stationsplein 8