Treasury of Saint-Catherine's Church

The Treasury of Saint Catherine’s Church is home to a world-renowned collection that includes the Codex Eyckensis, Anglo-Saxon tapestries and other items that the Flemish government has designated as objects of major importance.
The Treasury of Saint Catherine’s Church holds unique and outstanding religious objects dating back to the Middle Ages. These include Europe’s oldest Anglo-Saxon religious garments and countless other fabulous art-historical riches, such as the beautiful creations of Maaseik silversmith Frederik Malders (1593-1662), unique medieval manuscripts and mysterious relics. The Flemish government has designated a large number of these as objects of major importance due to their exceptional historic, artistic and scientific value.

The Codex Eyckensis is currently in the Maurits Sabbe Library of the Catholic University of Louvain (KU Leuven), where it is the subject of an international research project. Once this is completed, it will return to Maaseik.


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