Ten Haagdoorn

Ten Haagdoorn is a unique nature reserve of 800 ha with heathland, land dunes, ponds and fens. The entrance to the reserve can be found on Donderslagweg or Springstraat.
From mid-August to mid-September, Ten Haagdoorn surprises and amazes in its purple outfit. Thanks to more than 300 diligently grazing sheep, the heather beauty is preserved.

Your dog is also welcome, but only on a leash so as not to rush the sheep herd and so as not to disturb the wildlife and other visitors.

Star spots:
Star Places are the most beautiful landscape spots in the Lage Kempen, awarded with stars. These are the places where you can see, taste, feel, smell and experience nature in a special way. Ten Haagdoorn received no less than 2 landscape stars that you should definitely see.


Parking within a radius of 100 m?