Park Molenheide: Saraland: zwemparadijs "Aquapolis"

Welcome to the universe of water and a covered swimming paradise!

In the 4 indoor swimming pools there is something for everyone.

Infants and toddlers will become true water rats after a visit to the kiddie pool (depth: ± 11 to 21 cm and 32°C) with its colourful slides, bubbling mushrooms and splashing fountains. Quenching gnomes and water dispensing animals will provide lots of fun!

After first getting accustomed to the water here, the children can learn to swim in the children's pool (depth: ± 50 - 70 cm and 30°C). Its specially adapted depth gives a feeling of security.

In the 25-meter pool (depth: ± 129 cm and 29°C) mum and dad can do their 'healty' metres. Swimming lengths is in again.

Real daredevils then whizz down the gigantic chutes at dizzying speed. New ar the Super Aqua Wizz and the Black Hole & Star Glide! A huge splash in the flume pool gives a kick to both young and old!


a. Meeting rooms 0 - 20 people
b. Meeting rooms 20 -50
c. Meeting rooms 50 - 100 people
Changing corner for baby
d. Meeting rooms 100 – 150 people
e. Meeting rooms 150+ people
Free Wifi
Parking within a radius of 100 m?
Vegetarian offer