On the banks of the 40 hectare pond you'll find the bicycle café, a sunbathing area and playground, benches, a beach and an adventurous pirate's ship. For fishermen there are demarcated zones and a few fishing jetties. The cycling path around the pond is part of the cycling route network. It is eagerly used by ramblers and cyclists.
It's also possible to go on the water. The Paalse Plas has been the home port of sailing and windsurf club Sirocco for years. There is a sandy beach for sun worshippers. The demarcated swimming pond is open in July and August.
The beautiful Millennium golf course, which is part of the domain, makes the “most beautiful spot in the world” complete.

More fishing information: 011 26 97 20 gie.kenens@beringen.be:
The Paalse Plas is a private water with a public character. Those who fish on the Paalse Plas must submit to the legislation on river fishing of 1954, the decision of the Flemish Government of 1 February 2013 to execute this law, and local police regulations.
In addition to a Flemish fishing permit you'll also need a municipal fishing permit.
The badge that is needed to open the barrier at the fishermen's road and the municipal permit can be acquired at the Tourism, Recreation and Events Office. This office is located in the mine's entrance building (Tourist Reception), Koolmijnlaan 203. It is open from Monday to Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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