Museumchurch ´Oud Rekem`

The main building on the Groenplaats is the baroque Sint-Pieterskerk. In 1704, Count Ferdinand d’Aspremont-Lynden of Reckheim signed an agreement with the Bishop of Liège, stating that he was allowed to demolish the parish church on the castle estate, provided that he would build a new one elsewhere.

A number of farms on the Groenplaats were expropriated to free up space for the construction of a new church. Work commenced that same year. However, the count did not keep his promise. As soon as the choir and part of the nave were ready, he stopped the works due to lack of money. The actual reason was an old feud between the clergy and the count family.

The church remained unfinished until 1722, the year in which pastor Maghin was appointed pastor van Rekem. The latter was very pleased that Countess Antonia, a sister of Count Ferdinand, was prepared to intervene financially, so that the construction work could be resumed. Unfortunately, the church was not spared from disaster afterwards. In 1755 a fire broke out in the small town of Reckheim and together with 21 houses the church partially burned down. After the difficult start of 1704, the church now remained as a ruin until it was put back into use in 1774.

Because the church became too small years later due to the increasing number of parishioners from Rekem and Visé, a larger church was built in 1956 in the Kleinveld. After being the center of Rekem's parochial life for two centuries, the old parish church was taken over by the city council in the same year to be converted into a museum.

Under the motto "church becomes church again", the interior was restored to its original form and after a thorough restoration in 2015, it can now be admired in all its glory.


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