Museum of the Miner's House

The Museum of the miner's house, a two-family house from 1925, can be found in the heart of the old garden district. This museum takes you back to the life of the miners in the 1930s. The typical furniture and wallpaper, specific paint and painting techniques, a crackling radio and an original power distributor give you a good idea of ​​the daily life of the miner. Fun fact: the interior scenes from the film Marina, the romanticized life story of musician Rocco Granata by Stijn Coninx, were shot in the Museum.
Children's Museum is located right next to the Miner's House Museum.
A laptop, tablet, smartphone, the internet and all kinds of apps. It is impossible to imagine our current life without them and certainly not from the life of youth. But what was it like 80 years ago? This experience museum aims to provide an answer to this question. Young people discover a completely different world here and are catapulted back in time. This is also a fun and nostalgic trip for the elderly. Old or young, this museum is a nice introduction for everyone.
Guided tours of the Museum are given to groups of up to 10 people. Only on reservation.


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