The Gnome Trail at Domein Pietersheim has been one of the most popular attractions for years. Along the 3 km trail, children are invited to take part in various games, with colourful information along the route providing the details. The kids get to hug the big tree, crawl through a natural tunnel, make music with real gnome instruments or simply dream away in the park.

The Gnome Trail underwent a transformation in the spring of 2020. We welcomed new gnomes to the woods, new squirrels that show you the way and more little houses to discover. As the icing on the cake, there is a large gnome house at the children’s farm. The Gnome Trail can be started at the information signs at the children’s farm or at the moated castle bridge. Both follow the same route (indicated on posts). No map is needed. Distance: 40,000 gnome steps.


Parking within a radius of 100 m?