Domein Kelchterhoef

The name Kelchterhoef is an amalgamation of 'Calechtre' (the name of the wood) and 'hova' (Old Dutch for farm).
Kelchterhoef has existed since the 13th century, when the Norbertines of Floreffe still controlled the area.
Today Kelchterhoef is a wonderful family-friendly walking park located in the centre of de Wijers.
Here you can walk and cycle, enjoy the tremendous nature or have a tasty snack in one of the restored farmsteads.
Thanks to a whole range of adaptations and renovations, you are now able to enjoy the landscape to the fullest.
Interested in water recreation? Then there is always the 'De Plas' recreation park with its 20 ha pond and a sandy beach with well-defined swimming area.
Here you will find everything you need for a day trip full of swimming pleasure for all the family. Admission is free.
Sailors, surfers and divers can go to the local sailing and surfing clubs.


Parking within a radius of 100 m?