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The Open-air Museum

Are you interested in discovering the origins of our current habits and traditions? Besides a rich collection of historical buildings and objects, the museum’s collection also includes intangible cultural heritage such as rituals, stories and techniques, and a number of traditional animal breeds. How has
this history inspired our present and our future? Be prepared to be surprised by four fascinating museum sections, each with its own unique perspective.

The Kempen museum section focuses on the craftsmanship of today, yesterday and tomorrow. Find out the origins of raw materials, watch craftsmen at work or use your own creativity and get to work in one of the two new workshop barns. Haspengouw takes you back to the atmosphere of 1913. With our “Living history” experience, actors will play the parts of Flemish villagers caught up in the events on the eve of the First World War. In the section East- and West-Flanders of the museum, you enjoy a peaceful walk among the silence and beauty of the landscape, so it is the perfect place to recharge your batteries. In The sixties, lifelike settings of a living room, petrol pumps and café take you right back in time.

In 2019 it will be exactly 450 years since the Flemish painter Pieter Bruegel the Elder died. To celebrate this anniversary, the Bokrijk Open-Air Museum (Genk) is organising an international exhibition entitled "The World of Bruegel". The exhibition offers a contemporary and sensory experience of the uses, standards and habits that existed in the middle of 16th century. The trail guides visitors through the Open-Air Museum, passing through various locations each of which have their own particular little world, emphasising the connection between Bokrijk and Bruegel.