Limburg, open to discovery

What are you looking for when you go on holiday? Totally unwind and recharge your batteries, try out new activities, visit places with a history, eat and drink well, meet people, ... ? Whatever your reason is, there is still a lot to discover in Limburg.

Limburg, open to discovery | Visit Limburg

Open to kindness

In Limburg, you are at ease. Take the time to marvel and dwell on the little joys. Like waking up rested and a host or hostess serving you a rich breakfast with a smile. Ready for the new day.

Your holiday starts in the hotel, B&B or holiday home where you spend the night. That is why we like to go that one step further and make your accommodation an experience in itself. Like sleeping in an aeroplane. Now that's a unique stay!

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Open to wonder

You explore the region at your own pace. On foot or by bike. Equally fun is a tour through Haspengouw with a 2HP from Route38. Blanche, Maurice or Clémentine take you on a tour through the fruit orchards.

People quickly knew this was a good place to be. Not coincidentally, Belgium's first city is in Limburg. That rich history constantly amazes. The domain of Landcommanderij Alden Biesen is an impressive example of how beautiful heritage can be. The magnificent moated castle surrounded by sleek French gardens and a playful English park leaves no one unmoved.

Along the water of the Meuse, you will let go of all stress. Visitor Centre De Wissen is the main gateway to the RivierPark Maasvallei. You walk through the Negenoord-Kerkeweerd nature reserve, where konik horses and galloway cattle also roam freely. On the ferry, the wind blows every thought away.

On the cycle bridge of 'Cycling through the Heathland' in Hoge Kempen National Park, you look out over a vast landscape. The path takes you right into the middle of the Mechelse Heide. A setting where purple predominates during the heather's flowering period.

When you walk from the forest across the vast sandy plain of the Lommel Sahara, you become silent. Strolling along the edge of the lake, time no longer matters in that moment.

Matteo Simoni op de unieke fietsbeleving 'Fietsen door de Heide' in het Nationaal Park Hoge Kempen

Open to craftsmanship

Full of fire, true craftsmen take you into their story. Their love of good food and drinks is contagious.

At the Wilderen Brewery and Distillery, brewer Mike personally guides you around this authentic, industrial monument. Afterwards, you can taste a Tripel Kanunnik or Wilderen Kriek on the large terrace.

In the Voer-region, they are proud of their trout. They breed them in the ponds of the Commanderie of Sint-Pieters-Voeren. Why is this the ideal place for it? They will gladly tell you.

From the Commanderie, you can go for a walk through hollow roads, standard orchards and a unique landscape of ditches.

Matteo Simoni in gesprek met een forelkweker van de Commanderie Sint-Pieters-Voeren

Open to cosiness

It should no longer be a secret that Limburgers are extremely sociable people.

Whether you step inside the village pub Bij Guske, where the requisite pool table and TV screen showing one or another sports game are unmissable, or you opt for the more trendy setting of Westpunt, simply let yourself be carried away by the atmosphere.

Open to experience

A new experience gives renewed energy. So try an activity you haven't done before.

Wakeboarding at Terhills Cablepark, for example. Even if you have never stood on a board before, you can go here for your first time wakeboarding or water-skiing.

On the circuit of Karting Genk, you will get an adrenaline kick with every lap. Want to start slowly? On the fun circuit, you gradually get used to karting.

Or take it a bit easier on a supboard. Cosy paddling over the water with the hills of Terhills in the background is something you really have to do someday.

Matteo Simoni op een supboard op het water van Terhills in het Nationaal Park Hoge Kempen