Horse back riding and buggy route network Limburg

650 kilometers. That's the total length of Limburg's horseback riding and buggy route network. And you know what the best part is? The unpaved trails guide you through forests, sandy soils, dunes, heather landscapes,… Limburg is full of them.



signpost on the horseback riding and buggy route network in Limburg

Limburg is known for its junctions 

What you can do by bike, you can also do on horseback in Limburg: ride from junction to junction. You can easily plan your route using the horse riding map or the online route planner. Simply write down the junctions, jump in the saddle, and take off. The Limburg trails connect seamlessly with the Antwerp and Dutch paths. Covering many miles is no problem here!

taking a break in a horse-friendly café

Horses most welcome

With so many paths to explore, a short rest moment is welcome once and a while. The horse-friendly cafes along the route network are fully geared up for both rider and horse. Can't you get it all done in one day? Then stay overnight in a horse-friendly accommodation. While you hit the sack in a soft bed, your quadruped will sleep in a warm stable