DRESS.CODE. Collection stories unveiled

A missing jacket button, a brightly coloured fitted dress, a hidden pocket in a waistcoat, a dress with full leg-of-mutton sleeves, and a custom wool suit: what stories do these garments tell? The dresses, hats, jewellery, and shoes at the Fashion Museum Hasselt were carefully chosen, worn, and cherished by their owners and are intimately linked to memories, emotions, and adventures. They form a tangible testament to individual histories and lives lived. For DRESS.CODE., the Fashion Museum Hasselt delved deep into its extensive archives in search of these hidden narratives. <br><br>The exhibition explores the research process through various themes that serve as codes to crack the language spoken by clothing: form, fabric, vanitas, identity, and stories. Visitors are taken on a journey of discovery in search of personal and cultural stories about beauty, identity, conviction, hope, gender, and more.


  • Tarif de base: 8,00 €; 12-26: 3,00 €; 65+: 6,00 €; -12 / les détenteurs du UiTpasHasselt: 0,00 €