Cycling through De Wijers

De Wijers is a beautiful nature reserve that stretches across Midden-Limburg. With over 26,000 hectares of landscape comprised largely of pools of water, De Wijers is also known as the ‘Land of 1001 Ponds’. Get on your bike and immerse yourself in unique natural beauty, with lots of water and a good splash of culture.

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A patchwork of ponds

The cycling route starts at the Herkenrode Abbey site, a beautiful place to begin this tour. You can ride right into the heart of De Wijers from here, and you won’t be able to help but admire the watery landscape between cycle junctions 94 and 301. The ponds have been created over centuries of fish farming and form what looks look like a patchwork quilt, with working fish farms still in the area to this day. It’s a good idea to stop and climb the lookout towers as you pass them – the views from the top are even more breathtaking.

De uitkijktoren in De Wijers

Scenery of heathland and woodland

At junction 300, you ride onto the former coal track and in an almost straight line through De Teut-Ten Haagdoorn Nature Reserve. The extensive heathland turns a beautiful shade of purple in late summer. With a bit of luck, you’ll even come across the shepherd with his large flock of sheep who make sure the area is always properly grazed. 

Till the water reaches your lips

The route then continues towards Bokrijk, where you can try out the unique Cycling through Water experience at junction 91. Take the perfect photo leaning over the water’s edge in the light of the soft spring sun. You will see the Open Air Museum in the background, where traditional and contemporary craftsmanship meet. From working with leather to brewing beer, experts can show you the tricks of the trade in Bokrijk. Definitely worth a stop if you have time.

Fietsen door het Water in Bokrijk

Capital of taste

Head towards Hasselt and ride some distance along the canal to Trichterheide, where you can cross to the other side over the remarkable ‘De Langeman’ bicycle bridge. Art is never very far away in Limburg’s capital city – with lots of street art, the Fashion Museum, and a variety of galleries – and Hasselt added another tourism gem to its crown in 2020 in the form of the Z33 arts centre in the beguinage. The towers of Herkenrode Abbey will soon reappear, and ‘The Quiet View’ art installation by Hans Op de Beeck in the abbey’s courtyard will make you feel completely zen. You can end your tour with a Herkenrode Abbey beer or slice of Limburg vlaai (speciality flan) in De Paardenstallen restaurant. Cheers!

Prachtig uitzicht over De Wijers

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