Coronavirus and travelling to Limburg

Concerning the Coronavirus, Visit Limburg applies the measures that are determined by the Belgian government. What does this mean for your visit to our province? The measures below apply until at least June 7, 2020.

Latest update: Monday, May 25, 2020 - 9 am

The measures below only apply if you already reside in Belgium. Since the borders are still closed, it is not possible to travel to Belgium.

I want to go for a walk, am I still allowed to do that?

Parks, forests and nature reserves remain open. You can still enjoy a walk in our beautiful nature. Please keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Walk alone, in the company of people living under the same roof or with up to 2 other people (in the latter case, always keep 1.5 meters apart). Avoid walking together with people who are considered as being at risk, such as elderly people and people with a weakened immune system.
  • You can go by car or motorcycle to drive to the nearest nature reserve or forest to walk there. Tourist excursions are not allowed.
  • Try keeping a distance of minimal 2 metres from other hikers. When it is crowded, go to a less crowed place or come back later.
  • Stay on the hiking trails and don't go into areas that are not publicly accesible.

Can I still go for a bike ride?

It is still possible to use the Limburg cycle node network. Keep in mind that the border crossings with the Netherlands and the bicycle rental points are closed.

  • Cycle alone, in the company of people living under the same roof or with up to 2 other people (in the latter case, always keep 1.5 meters apart).
  • You can go by car to drive to the nearest nature reserve to cycle there. Tourist excursions are not allowed.

Can I rest on a bench or have a picnic during my walking or cycling tour?

Physical activities are allowed for the necessary duration to exercise them. It is not allowed to sit, picnic or sunbathe in parks and nature reserves. You may only move in a nature reserve or park for your daily portion of exercise. Resting on a couch is also not allowed. Return straight to your home after your walk, jog or bike ride and don't get stuck unnecessarily.

This measure should not be strictly applied to the elderly, pregnant women and people with reduced mobility or mental disabilities. Some tolerance and understanding is shown for these groups.

Can I go on a hack with my horse?

Horse riding and driving on the public road and the equestrian and driving route network is only allowed considering the welfare of the animal and this with a maximum of two people and with respect for the social distance measures. Transporting the horse in a trailer for these rides is only allowed if you cannot leave safely from the stable.

Can I stay overnight?

You can only stay in a hotel for essential trips. Other recreational and tourist accommodation (holiday homes, camping sites, B & Bs, holiday parks, AirBnBs, ...) are closed.

Can I visit museums, sights or other tourist addresses?

As from May 18 it will be possible to visit museums, historical buildings, monuments, castles and other cultural attractions, on the condition that they offer an online or telephone ticket system and organize the visitor flow optimally to avoid crowds.

Restaurants, cafes, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, discos, tourist information offices, swimming pools, etc. are closed. All recreational, sporting, cultural and folkloric activities and events have been canceled or postponed until 30 June. All mass events are canceled until 31 August.

Can I go to my holiday home in Limburg?

Yes this is allowed in Belgium for owners and for tenants who have a minimum rental contract of one year. The persons living under the same roof are also allowed. They may receive up to 4 people from their social bubble. These are the same people you are allowed to receive at home.

A second home is considered to be:

  • A house or apartment;
  • An immobile residence with a fixed pitch (e.g. a (mobile) caravan, bungalow).

It is, therefore, not permitted to move around with a mobile home, such as a caravan, but it may be used if it is already installed on a fixed pitch. On camp sites where there are second homes, the following measures apply:

  • Bars, common areas of restaurants and recreational areas are closed. Terrace furniture must be brought inside and may not be used.
  • Special attention must be paid to the hygiene of sanitary facilities (regular cleaning of showers, toilets and the provision of hand hygiene products, etc.).

What else should I pay attention to?

Always follow the hygiene measures based on the formulated advice.

  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water.
  • Avoid shaking hands.
  • Cough or sneeze in a tissue handkerchief and throw it away immediately in a covered rubbish bin. If you do not have a tissue at hand, cough or sneeze into your elbow.
  • Stay at home when you're sick.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are visibly ill.
  • Do not touch your face with your hands.

You will find more information on the coronavirus and het measures issued by the Belgian government on

Let us all be smart and responsible in order to stop spreading this virus. See you soon in Limburg!