A bit of serious shopping on one day, a day of wellness for a complete rest the next. Sound like a good weekend? When are you coming?

Shopping at your leisure

In Limburg's shopping towns, it is still possible to shop in a leisurely way, without being overwhelmed by a large mass of people. Whether the hip boutiques and specialist shops are your thing or you prefer the large chains, they are all close to one another in towns such as Hasselt, Genk, Sint-Truiden, Tongeren, etc.

Hasselt - © Koen De Langhe

Mmmm, wonderful!

After a day of shopping, you are usually tired and exhausted! Shopping is hard work. A warm bath or a foot massage can do wonders. It sure can! Our wellness centres will welcome you with open arms and massage away your fatigue.

Elaisa Energetic Wellness - Elaisa Energetic Wellness

Connect to your inner nature

Elaisa Energetic Wellness embraces you with its geometric shapes and provides everything you need for the ultimate relaxation experience. Here you can let yourself get indulged and bring peace to the very core of your being. In synergy with the beauty of the Hoge Kempen national park, our wellness centre envelopes you with various styles and symbols of ancient cultures from around the globe. The stillness penetrates the depths of your body and soul and helps you to find a new balance.

Find yourself through rest and purification and discover the essence of life through the energy of the five elements, geometric shapes and countless crystals. The large windows, terraces and pools offer you panoramic unobstructed views of the hills and the breath-taking sunsets at the edge of the lake.

Cross the water by boat or arrive by electric shuttle traversing the park. Be moved by the influences of the ancient Mayans, Incas and Egyptians. The wisdom and beauty of these cultures inspired the creation of Elaisa. Enjoy a unique, natural wellness experience and be inspired by ancient rituals in our special saunas and baths. Focus on your personal development and improve your health and self-awareness with one of our carefully selected holistic treatments and therapies or by enjoying a yoga, tai chi, meditation or inspirational workshop. At Elaisa, everything revolves around your wellbeing, your experience, your spirituality.

Pure freedom, inner peace and happiness are things you create yourself through experience, being self-aware and from your heart. If Elaisa can help you on this journey to self-realisation and harmony, then we have succeeded in our mission.
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