Open-air art

Het doorkijkkerkje in Borgloon

There's plenty of space in Limburg. There are stunning landscapes which offer breathtaking views. And what if we further embellish this space with a few, appropriate artworks? Then you end up with success stories like Reading Between the Lines and the Tranendreef!

The idea behind ‘open-air art’ is that the artworks are appropriate to the location in terms of both shape and content. They should enrich the surrounding area, through which you walk, and perhaps also offer a different perspective of the landscape itself.

A public art programme in Borgloon and Heers

The PIT Art in Public Space project is a unique example of open-air art. Various artworks add a little extra to the Haspengouw landscape. The most well-known example is probably the stunning ‘doorkijkkerkje’ which is also known as Reading Between the Lines, designed by artist/architectural duo Gijs Van Vaerenbergh.

Kunstwerk Untitled #158 in Borgloon

From April to September, the green tree-tents called ‘Tranendreef’ offer an original view of the green avenues which lead to Hex Castle. Somewhat less well-known but no less beautiful are Memento and Untitled #158, two circular artworks that invite the viewer to ‘wander around’. In the heart of the greenery, and somewhat unexpected, you may come across the Twijfelgrens while walking. You can only read the actual word from a certain angle.

Helmen in Halen

Somewhere in a grassy field in Halen, next to the cycle path network, you will see 44 large helmets laid out side by side. Helmen in Halen is a commemoration of the past, a moment of reflection in today’s world and a glance towards the future. These are all unique creations which tell the stories of the 44 Limburg municipalities.

Labyrint C-mine Genk

Get lost in a maze

Reading Between the Lines is not the only artwork by architectural duo Gijs Van Vaerenbergh in Limburg. 2015 was the ten-year anniversary of the C-mine in Genk. To celebrate this fact, they constructed a large metal maze at the foot of the headframes. Will you find your way out of the Labyrinth?

Helsh(ea)ven, the floating chapel

At the highest point in Helshoven, this chapel floats above the ground. The view over the orchards is breathtaking here. If you get the chance, pay a visit to Helsh(ea)ven as the sun is rising. The surrounding area is bathed in a magical atmosphere during those first moments of the day.

Helsheaven in Helshoven Borgloon

Art in the woods

Between the trees in the Klankenbos in Pelt you can find a collection of unique sound artworks. Not just lovely to look at but also a delight for the ears. In the adventure woodland of Bosland, there are concealed natural artworks by Will Beckers. Walk to the Sahara, Pijnven or take the Butterfly Walk from Kattenbos to see these playful elements in their natural environment. The picnic area Corpus in Kattevennen comes from the hands of the same artist, Will Beckers.