Limburg has a lot of wide-open spaces. Beautiful landscapes with some amazing views. And what if we embellish this space even more by installing some fascinating artworks? Such as the church/art installation 'Reading between the Lines' or the 'Tranendreef'. Some real success stories.

The idea behind 'art in the open space' is that the artworks fit the location in terms of both form and content. It should, as it were, enrich the environment and allow you to look at the landscape in a completely different way.

Kunstwerk 'Untitled #158' bij Borgloon

The 'pit' project

The best-known example is probably the 'see-through church.' This nickname for a work of art that is called 'Reading Between the Lines,' is designed by the artist and architect duo Gijs Van Vaerenbergh. The church is part of the 'Pit' project, just like the 'Tranendreef' (tear-shaped sculptures hanging from the trees), 'Memento', and 'Untitled #158'. The latter two may be less known but are certainly worth seeing.

Shaft tower and Labyrinth at C-mine in Genk

Getting lost in a maze

When C-mine in Genk turned 10, they asked the prior artist duo Gijs Van Vaerenbergh whether they wanted to design another work of art, this time for the mining site in Genk. They created the Labyrint, a maze constructed in metal on the C-mine square. Can you find your way back?

Sunset over the fields of the Helmets in Halen

Helmets in Halen

Somewhere in a grassy field in Halen, close to the cycle route network, 44 large concrete helmets stand side by side. The Helmets in Halen are a reminder of the past, a moment of reflection in the present, and a view on the future. Every helmet is a unique creation and tells a war story of one of the 44 Limburg municipalities.

Sound art in the open air in Pelt

Art in the woods

Klankenbos woods in Pelt, you will find a collection of unique sound artworks. Not only beautiful for the eye, but also for the ear. In the Bosland forest, kids can play in different artworks by nature artist Will Beckers. Also the picknick spot Corpus in Kattevennen in Genk is another installation of his.